What you might consider before Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

You need to think about how much you will be charged by the attorney. Find out if he charges a flat fee or if there will be hidden fees. You need to discuss the court filing fees. If you cannot pay it all at once, ask the lawyer if you can make payments to pay him.

You need to ask your lawyer if he will be handling your case or if he will pass it along to an assistant. You will want to find out how long it will take when filing for bankruptcy. Ask if there is any way the case can be expedited.

It is a good idea to ask your attorney if he returns your calls or emails in a timely manner. You need an attorney who communicates with you and does not leave you hanging. You need your lawyer to give you the time that you deserve.

You also need to make sure the lawyer is licensed in Colorado. If something does not go as planned and your attorney does not offer proper representation, he will be reviews by the state’s licensing board. Therefore, if your attorney is not licensed by the state, you will have no leg to stand on.